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We design and manufacture PSU, converters, and power stations for sectors that need custom, high-quality equipment.

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We design and produce innovative electronic components and systems, complete with in-house testing and certification. We provide repairing and brokering services for hard-to-find components.

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We specialize in manufacturing highly advanced converters, PSU and power stations. Our solutions are customized based on the customer’s needs.

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Promec Elettronica provides engineered equipment to sectors where performance, safety, and reliability are key elements. Established in 1973, since 2019 it’s a MDT-Italia Srl brand.

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We are engineers: our job – and our passion – is to find both effective and efficient solutions. Different companies have different needs, that must be satisfied through a custom approach. That’s why we work together with our clients, and we always bear in mind their unique characteristics during the design stage.


The entire production stage takes place in our headquarters in Ivrea. Our priority is quality: in our lab we run EMI pre-compliance tests and every product is analyzed in our burn-in area before the delivery.  


Nobody knows our products better than us, and we take care of them even after the installation is completed. We support our clients with after-sales service not only for all Promec products, but also for third party’s PSU and electronic boards. We are specialized in complex cases, like outdated components or when the technical documentation is no longer available.


Thanks to our deep understanding of the sector’s distribution channels and to a network of highly specialized brokers, we can source any kind of electronic component in Europe, North America and Asia. We can source both single components - including discontinued or long lead time products - and complete kits containing wiring and PCB.


Industrial Applications

Low Power Supply

Telecom, Energy, and Railway Applications

Medical Applications

The brand

Promec Elettronica was established in 1973. The company was originally intended to design and manufacture equipment used in Olivetti production lines. In 1979 Promec started producing power supplies and inverters under its own brand and it had been one of the first companies ever to develop entirely digital switching converters. In 2019 it was incorporated by MDT-Italia Srl and now it provides engineered power supply and power conversion solutions to strategic industries.